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Land banking is the act of buying undeveloped land with the goal of clutching it for a while and selling it for profit at a future date when the price appreciates.


Land Banking Project is a Real Estate investment initiative that involves the acquisition and development of a large expanse of land for building, ownership, and profit maximization. Land banking Development Project is a secured and reliable Real Estate investment platform established by igenius fx . For over three years, it has served the investment and property development needs of investors with great returns and has become the go-to platform for smart real estate investors. We started with LDP 1.0 and now we’re are on LDP 11 and we have been able to help investors grow their wealth and make their money work or them and a lot has cash out their investment . Are you thinking buying a unit of Real Estate Development to earn high Returns on Investment (ROI), create wealth, and secure a future for yourself and your family? Then, don’t look too far! Land banking Development Project is all you need! INVESTMENT OFFER With different durations to choose from, Land banking allows you to earn:

  • 50% Return on Investment for 6 months.
  • 30% Return on Investment for 3 months.

For instance, if you invest $100,000 for a duration of 6months, you get to earn $50,000, Return on Investment, which would be paid at maturity in addition to your invested capital, which amounts to $150,000.

If you had the chance to double—or even quadruple—your retirement savings, you’d probably jump at that opportunity, right? Well, there’s one simple change you can make today that’s sure to boost your retirement savings.


  • -Fill a form (online or offline).

  • -Make payment.

  • -Send the duly completed form and evidence of payment to support@igenius fx

  • -Payment Receipt sent to your mail.

To guarantee the safety of your investments and put your mind at ease, investors get the following security documents upon investing

  • -A Post-dated Cheque*(Confirmed before lodgement)

  • -Investment Certificate

  • -Deed of Agreement (Property Allocation To Hold)

  • -Insurance Certificate

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